WordPress Maintenance Packages

$750/yr.Hobbyist $1200/yr.Craftsman $1500/yr.Master
Core Updates Keep your site up-to-date and get the benefits of the latest release of Craft.
Monthly Monthly Weekly
Plugin Updates We’ll take care of updating plugins. No more crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.
Monthly Weekly Weekly
Theme Updates Get the most out of your purchased themes by keeping them updated.
Security Scan Has your site been compromised? We’ll scan it every week and let you know.
Monthly Weekly Weekly
Full Backups Avoid catastrophe with daily or weekly backups of your entire site.
Daily Daily Daily
Uptime Monitoring Identify problems quickly. Get notified when your site is experiencing problems.
checkmark checkmark checkmark
CDNSpeed up your website, prevent downtime with site caching, add a layer of security
Google Webmaster Tools We’ll keep track of how Google sees your site and alert you if any issues arise.

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