Funny thing about us:

We think your sites should work exactly the way you want them to.


Who is Tune Web Development?

We’re a web development company. So naturally, we love to drool over complicated lines of code and discuss the relative merits of stuff like LESS and Sass. But our interests don’t stop there.

At Tune, we realize the best projects aren’t simply about great backend work—they’re also about great design. It’s why we work so hard to do justice to your designs. We’re fascinated by the creative process, and we’re honored when our clients allow us to be a part of it.

Tune is a web, social and SEO development studio in Indianapolis, Indiana. We do things most development companies do—you know, stuff like responsive design, jQuery, mobile apps and the like. But there’s something different about us. We only work with neo 2 software ad agencies and design firms.

That’s it. Nobody else.

Our job is to function as the in-house web development team for our clients (we just happen to do it from our office). To us, your comps are the holy grail—and your direction isn’t merely a suggestion. Our job is to create web sites and interactive projects that look and function exactly as you saw them in your head.

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